Tuesday, September 6


lord, i am so glad i can do what i really like for living! at least at the moment.. today i started teaching english for kappa packaging brno, a company dealing with products from paper such as corrugated cardboard and stuff like that. i was i bit nervous before we started but then i realised how much i love teaching!! :) i had a beginner class and then a class of lower intermediates (90 minutes each) and they both went so well! there were 2 students in each class and with the beginners we went thru whole english alphabet and spelling and they did very well. we also played some games with the other class to sort of start up the semester in a fun way. they liked it and i had a good time too. can't wait for my other 2 classes i'm teaching there on wednesday to begin! ;)

otherwise, life's been mainly english for me right now> i do teach english almost every day, i read english books, i read blogs written in english, i do think in english, i do write in english.. janka's pretty desperate about it, too.. today i asked for tape (in slovak, of course) and she replied without thinking> tape! (in english).. :))) we better take a break :)

and not to forget, saturday's wedding was seriously superCOOL (!!!) but i will post more about that later..

for those of you far far away> i miss you!!
sleep well.. i will too! :)


cabooga said...

hehe, I told Janka this the other day... but seriously, it's so weird to think of you guys teaching english! I still remember the both of you from the FIRST English Camp! Oh how you all have grown! =) Just kidding! I'm super proud of you and at the same time excited that you guys have this awesome opportunity! When you've gotten really good at teaching you guys will have to teach me more Slovak, k??

eli said...

DIKY, DIKY STRASNE MOC za phone call. Bolo uplne, vazne super indeed. Vsetko najlepsie k abcs!:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Stano,
it is really super that you have a job you love and you spend all of your time with things and people you enjoy but one problem is here. You´re forgotting for us. :-( I know it´s hard... you have many and many friends. But please what about LOS PAKOS? It need strictly programme to teach something new. And you like teaching, right? ;-) I will enjoy the day you will have a time for us. :) Just kidding. Have a nice day! Bye bye Paula

stano said...

paulinka, you crack me up! ;) neboj sa, neforgetoval som na LOS PAKOS, lebo to by som si v zivote neodpustil!! ;) vecer sa uvidime, a neboj, este ma budete prosit, aby sme uz nespievali!! ;)
eli, nemusis dakovat, ja som bol velmi rad to hear you!! ;)
carrie, we are not that good yet, but we are learning a lot of new stuff every day!! ;) and, you wanna know slovak?? coma to svk!!! ;)

filipka said...

oi stanko! slovakia sa rata ako far far away?

Alanna said...

Yay! now I know how to write all yoou bloggers! yahoooo! ahah Anyhoodles how are you?! Stanko Stanley!? ahah well talk to you laters

love Alanna