Tuesday, September 20

hilarious miss scheflen

ok guys, gotta read this entry (and related vocab) by chenna if you haven't read it yet! seriously, chenna, you are a person with da maddest hilarious writing skillz!!! :) well, here is a taste of chenna's humor>

"..i have a super co-worker named shane. he and i share a love for belle and sebastian, but he thinks i'm a "prude" because i don't use the f-word a lot. this despite the fact that he self-beeps himself when he says it. as in, "toss that little "beeep"er into the can." actually, he said he was just kidding that i'm a prude. he's sure that we're going to get along because i'm a "little too happy" most of the time. and not from drugs, for once.."


P* said...

to jak si vyspelloval C'ena?! ze ti studu nieto!

Janna_na said...

That's Ms. to you. Sexist.

You with the mad sexist skillz, I mean.