Friday, September 2

back into my busy schedule..

hey guys!
hope everyone is doing fine 'cause i am! ;)
there's not much new stuff once again.. i am just going from wedding to wedding and in between that i'm teaching.. next week will be super busy (or at least tireing) 'cause i am starting to teach 3 new classes and 1 i had last semester, i had it for just a while tho.. seems like i am starting my busy season once again ;)) i like it that way tho.. still get enough relax.. :)

this week was really funny cause we were acting so weird here in brno! we (janka and me) actually cleaned some stuff at the appartment and reorganized some furniture and yesterday we even washed widows!! nobody washed those in years!! ;) seriously, we never washed them and we've been living there for 3 years now!! ;)) wow.. yes, they were gross! :)) but now, they're clean and we can actually see outside! ;)

we are leaving for northern moravia with janka this evening and will be there all weekend long for the wedding of our dearest flatmates evah!!! ;)) you can find more about aja and breta at and we will post pics from the wedding as soon as possible, too! ;)

so, you guys have a good weekend!!!! ;) 'cause we will..

and now just some cute pics with peeps who left recently..

seggi is going fine in ireland..

last drink with heidi..


kelly said...

awwwww, seggs and heidi!! :( But I should not be sad because they are BOTH closer to ME now!! HAA!!! hope wedding was lots of fun!

Eli said...

LAST drink?!:(

seggi said...

Stano, dakujem za to ze si sa chcel rozlucit (alebo mna rozculit), za tu fotku by som ta najradsej zastrelila, keby som mohla. FUUUUU.

Tiney said...

Ahoj Stano!! Aww Heidi, Seggi & of course you Stano!! How I miss you guys and everyone else SO much!! Sounds like your busy going to all these weddings. So you're teaching now?? That's GREAT!! Hope that goes well for you!!