Saturday, September 17

restless week

i am all tired and sore. today we had a choir rehearsal for almost 8 hours straight.. i'm just done with preparing a test for one of my monday classes and i'm more than ready for bed. tomorrow morning i am travelling to slovakia for my grandma's birthday party and on monday morning i'm going back to brno to teach. on wednesday we are off for belgium with da choir for a competition and we are going to spent almost 5 days there! janka's comming with us..
so, it seems like there is no hope for much sleep nor physical rest this couple of upcoming weeks.. but i guess that is the prize of actually having a life to live outside of school and work.. does it make sense? well, it makes tons of sense to me :)


Jozefina Gray Foster said...

You better sleep or you will get sick!! :( Enjoy Belgium. They will always have a special place in my heart because they make fabulous chocolate and they invented "French" fries. Yummm.

stano said...

hey jojka :) no, i won't get sick.. ;) i love it! ;)
and thanks, we will enjoy belgium for you.. :)))

filipka said...

noahhhh ma xangu... chod tam a rob si z neho srandu!! to on rad:))))