Wednesday, June 29

zeit im bild

few weeks ago my dear friends from majak wesleyan ministry in brno left to go back home to the us.. reneé and travis, we miss you!

just a distant memory right now - belen (spain) and me in greece while i visited jan(k)a..

rio-antirio bridge..

back in trnava - protecting heidi from getting sunburnt ;)

petra's mother was a star on sunday!!! ;)

havlickova debils reunited! ;) jan(k)a's firts visit of brno after her stay in greece

havlickova debils reunited II

former havlickova debils reunited III

concert of bezefseho...

...and mosny on monday nite in brno - great "vocal folk" how they call it themselves..

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cabooga said...

I love seeing all the crazy fun pictures that you take! It makes me feel like (even if in some small way) like I can be apart of your life even though I am SO far away! Hope all is still well with you!