Wednesday, June 29

slovaks in lakeside, ohio

our deer (dear) friends in lakeside posted on their blogs! check them out! :) we miss you guys!!!!!

mishka wrote..

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Hey everybody,
i am already in Lakeside, Ohio, doing fine and working hard. I will tell you more about it soon. So take care
Love, Miska

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hello from Lakeside my dear friends,
Today was a nice day but only till i got to to Golf hut where should i work right now but you know what it is raining. So i decided to write new entry.

So i didn't tell you about our trip over here. We left Trnava on Saturday and got to Prague the same day at sevenish.It was mine first visit that old and beautiful city and we stayed in the centre till midnight. Then me, Zuzka and Peter went to the airport where we spent night. None of us slept and then finally at 7am we boarded the plane to Paris. After we got to Paris we were quite confused b\c that airport is huge and really complicated and we didn't have much much time to looking for the right gate. We didn't know how but we switched bus 3x and finally boarded plane to Detroit. It was long flight and choise of movies wasn't very good. But food was good and wine was just great. So if you ever fly with Air France, ask for wine !

Anyway everything went fine with our visas and stuff and finally we got to Ryan's car and went to Lakeside. Buckeys prepared a great dinner for us at Stonestrow and then we went home to sleep. Finally!!!

And i have a new roomate. She is American and her name is Jesse and she is really nice and wonderful person and hopefully not taking personally mine mean comments.She looks like Liv Tyler and funny thing is that once she dated guy that looked like Frodo. I think that's hillarious. But she is great anyway.

So take care my dearest and talk to you soon
Love you and miss y'all

zzana wrote..

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

ahojte vsetci moji drahi navstevnici. som nesmierne rada, ze ste mali tu trpezlivost [ked toto citate] a pockali ste na ......
Neviem teda co ma Miska na svojom blogu ale nesmiem zbudnut na {stanko by ma zabil} krasny a dojemny pribeh ?Miska a snicla na letisku?
Ale zacneme poporiadu na Karlovom moste sla hladna Miska a v duchu si hudla ci si nacne sniclu alebo nie {bala sa totiz ze jej ju niekto nacne}. Ale nakoniec sa odhodlala a urobila cin dna. Vytiahla krasnu masnucku snicielku mnam, mnam.
No ale aby ste boli v obraze mala ich 3.
prvu zjedla hravo a aj s usmevom na tvari.
druhu / tak to uz nasa Miska zmenila posobisko a papkala pomaly na letisku bolo 1.30 rano. Mala totiz uz iba 2 hodiny na dalsiu a to mala aj jablko dokonca dve no to jedno vnutila :nenasilne: Petovi, ktory bol jej prva obet.
tretiu vymenila z jablko okolo 2.30 mnam to sa ale zalizovala.
tak a konecne tretia . snicielka pekne masnucka ale presto vsetko chutnucka / miska sice vyzerala ako by bola na pokraji smrti ale to len akoby\ no bola taka ohladoplna,ze zjedla len polku... ale to nehovorit jej mame. Tak to by bol prvucky pribeh.
len jedno ma mrzi.....neodfotila som nic...... Majte sa krasne a viac neskor write them or call them if you's like to say hello! ;))

Garage deLuxe
519 Sycamore Ave
434 40 Lakeside, OH



mishka said...

Ahoj Stanicko, musim ta poopravit s tym cislom: je to 419 798 8101.
maj sa krasne a pozdravuj

stano said...

ahoj mishka! uz viem, hned to opravim, ideme na camp... dufram, ze sa mate fajnovo ;)