Wednesday, June 1


hey.. my life's busy, i don't post, i don't study.. ehm, i still do eat and sleep tho ;) and work? i am finished with my translating job since today! (it was a suprise from my boss - once again. they don't need me here anymore.. i work too quickly ;)) i will see everyone in trnava this coming weekend! ;) so exciting! ;P

here are some pictures from brno my friend ondra took.


svoko said...


j4r3d said...

Fall into the GAP. Hehe.

stano said...

what?! you don't like my gap...thing? :)

Carrie said...

you look so perplexed in that picture... hahaha! How are you doing? Sounds like you are keeping busy! What are your plans for the summer again? I forget!

P.S. Skip and Jan and Dan all say HI. We met some of Dariusz's Polish friends from Chicago on Sunday night... so Skip, Jan, Dan and I got reminiscing about our times in Slovakia, and of COURSE, you guys!!!