Thursday, June 9


well, again no time to talk.. so just some recent and some less recent pictures ;)

last coffee with mishka (no, neither of us is dying - she is going to the us for summer with zzana and some more pals)

mishka and zzana - jan(k)a calling from greece..

the choir at the wedding - you know, the most important thing about weddings? food! ;) j.k.

can you see how many pigs we have in the choir?! don;t count ema - the one in a red dress - she is pregnant ;)

and what the ... is this thing?! it was crawling on the wall and was about 5 inches long!!!! phew!


jan(k)a said...

ze to necrawlovalo na wall na Havlickovej, ze nie?!!!!!!

Carrie said...

Yeah, she'll be spending the summer closer to me (miska that is!)! To bad you guys aren't coming too.. but I know how that goes! Glad to see that you're still alive, I was really starting to wonder! =) Just kidding!

stano said...

yeah, carrie! i would love to be closer to you during this summer as well! (and there are no dirty hidden meanings in that sentence) ;)
svoko, ano, bolo to na havlickovej, nad tvojou postelou!!! :)) haha, just kidding, bolo to v trnave okolo polnoci v kolkarni (nepytaj sa co som tam robil, ok? :)

svoko said...

sak hral kolky, nie?:)

cabooga said...

Hey man... check it out, k? If you read it, it'll expain it! Hope all is good wid you man!

Anonymous said...

That is called the long-legged or house centipede. They thrive in damp environments, especially cellars. Amazingly, they can live for as long as SIX years!