Thursday, June 1

some more pics from russia

the red square, moscow

my russian fans ;P

and that's all for now cause i am busy :) i was teaching for 6hrs 30min today and i am really tired!! i'm going to trnava tomorrow, so i am excited to see you (if you're there!! :))


shegg said...

ale, ale, co viac fortiek....hmm??

Anonymous said...

Vidim, ze tiez nezahalas a vyrazil si do Ruska... Ja sa chystam v najblizsich dnoch na Island - ak sa medzicasom z podmienok na lodi nezblaznim.

Aaron Lesondak said...

Yo yo YO! Stano! IT has been FOREVER since I last spoke with you my friend! Let me tell you....I don't know if you will be there this summer but I will definitely be there! I hope see you!
By the way... i just got back from UGANDA....and it rocked! I thinkn that you should go with me next year! I love you brotha man!