Thursday, June 15

busy (once again)

my future flatmates

hey there guys, i am busy again.. but i love it ;) we are getting ready for da CAMPS (!!!!) at the building and i am SOOOO excited about them!! :)) i am still teaching a LOT but it's very enjoyable still.. mrrr, megs, c'ena and eli came to visit janka and me here in brno this week and it was great!! :) (except for the sickness, i was so sorry c'ena (&eli)).. we were shoppping and got some cool stuff :) maggie even joined me for wednesday's morning class and it was fun to see my begginer students try to communicate in english.. :) they were great, and megs was too. fun, fun.. :D

right now i am at school for a sec while al;l of my classmates are graduating and they are being SUPER nervous 'cause it's sorta a big deal here but i'm pretty sure they'll do just fine..

i'll talk to y'all later and hopefully post some more pics from russia or from upcoming concerts (everyone is invited, of course!):

21.6. @ 19.00 brno, cr - tirnavia
23.6. @ eve hodrusa, sk - tirnavia
25.6. @ 20.00 kromeriz, cr - vox iuvenalis


shegg said...

jeej ty si sa updatoval :))) Aj ja uz som super excited about camps. Uz len 8 dni a som doma a mozeme sa pustit naplno do poslednych priprav. Stale este neverim ze uz idem domov :)) Tesim tesim. Drz sa zatial!

shegg said...

ahoj, dik za koment. Do campu budem niest (teda autobus bude viezt) ten klavir co mam doma, co bol v campe minule. Nechce sa mi vleict tento z Irska :)) 20kg taska staci

Anonymous said...

tak som rada, ze camp je super. A dufam, ze sa uz koncecne ozvej aj mne. Pisala som ti k narodkam a pytala som sa ta nieco a nic????? Dufam, ze sa mas super. Ja viem, ze si asi zaneprazdneny tak krasny den papa zzana

Ronnie said...

Hey about you put some crazy pictures on your website? Maybe like some manzels or something :)

Debbie Armes said...

Stano!! I love this!! I miss you man. Talk to you soon.

ninuska said...

cauko stanko ako ti to ide ale asi dobre sak ty si moc cool na to aby ti nieco neslo.... maj sa pekne