Saturday, December 24

merry christmas!

well, it wouldn't be a post if it didn't begin with a picture of my retarded self :)

well, even tho i don't like christmas time at all, this past few weeks have been really outstanding and i would like to tell you about that a little since i didn't update for a longer while..

first of all, i am so thankful for all the good things i was granted this past year! i am so fortunate! in brno, i have the best flatmates one could ever have!! we had a christmas party a couple of weeks ago at the apartment in brno and while it was a load of fun it also ment a lot to me. i would never trade for any other flatmates, ever! :)

the other thing is - i have a job, and whatmore, i deff/ love it!! i love teaching and i love my students.. a week before christmas i decided to do a little christmas lesson for my classes and so we relaxed, talked about traditional christmases in english speaking countries and about our feelings about christmas and we also learned and translated the first verse of the silent night.. it was really fun to watch the students have fun (and it was even more precious for they all are grown-ups with lots of common grown-up problems) and be happy.. we also exchanged gifts and one of the students began crying during singing the silent night.. i love my students and i am SO looking forward to the january classes already!! they are the best motivation ever! :]

for another thing, i am so thankful for being a part of the two mixed choirs i sing in - tirnavia (trnava, slovakia) and vox iuvenalis (brno, the czech republic).. all the christmas concerts and after-parties were a huge part of my christmas this year.. we had a concert with vox in brno on 12/20/05 and at the after-party i realised how much the choir means to me.. i've been singing with those guys since 02/05 only but there is so much we have experienced together already - and gave me some good close friends - friends to laugh and cry with.. as for tirnavia, this year it seemed to be much more about people than ever before..

i also went out with a couple of my classmates this past week.. we had a lot of fun and tequilla, too :)

oh, i have almost forgotten!! :) i loved to see double a-ron after a long time!! :)

well, i just wanted to say that the whole december was a great christmas gift for me.. as for now, i am really enjoying the days when i don't have to open my daily planner to be able to live and don't have everything from travelling to breathing precisely scheduled.. :)

merry christmas everyone!!!! :)


double A-ron said...

dude! It was awsome see you again! I love you man! Hey....we need do something during silvester if we can...and if I am able...I would love to come to Brno! That would be sweet!
Later man!

kelly said...

Love you!!!!!! Merry Christmas!!! I am so glad it's been a good one for you!

Dale and Susan Ellison said...

Don't have too much fun teaching, it might become a career/