Friday, December 2

a friday update

hey guys,
this past week has been really extraordinary! :)
on wednesday i had a presentation at school and in the afternoon i was singing with my group at an official opening of an exhibition of hygienic pottery (does that make sense?).. it was like medieval chamber-pots andf stuff like that.. :) pretty funny, plus our singing was really suprisingly suprising, too! :)
last nite i travelled to trnava for one day! it was a pretty cool roundtrip, i left brno at noon, walked around trnava a lil, got to see some of my B friends and sing at a choir rehearsal, got some good slovak pizza (with corn on it, of course) for late nite dinner and travelled back at 11.30pm. the highlight of the trip was walking from the bus station to my place here in brno from 2am to 3 am.. well, an hour long morning walk in freezing weather and a really dense fog is always a blast, isn't it! :)
the upcoming weekend will be supercool, too! today i am expecting juraj, noha and zzana from trnava to join me and janka for a weekend in brno! :D
soap, what have you guys been up to?! (leave a kidney or two if you please)


Anonymous said...

ahoj!!! Ja zatial len skusam ci to bude fungovat, lebo vzdy pri mne to nechce fungovat:D!!! Heheh!!! To urcite bude tym:DDD!!!!! Znie to ye mas zabavu:D! Kedz najbliysie prides????? moonika

Anonymous said...

hA! ono to workuje:DDD!!!!

aaron said...

just here to donate a kidney to a greart friend. Hey dude!! I love corn on my pizza. They normally don't do that here in the US unless you ask or go to some whacked out restaurant! ...crazy!

cabooga said...

how about a monday update matie?? =)