Tuesday, December 5

breaking news> kempeki in trnava!!!

"meki! feki!! jak u debilov!!!"

"no co keempeerka?! zrala si na ranajky paarky?!!"

who wouldn't remember kempeki, the charismatic aerobics dictatress (above), and her alter ego aja milichovska (below), from building summer english camp 2006!

kempeki's alter ego, aja milichovska

now guess what!! aja is coming to trnava to sing for YOU at trnava's christmas market on thursday 14th december with a vocal group called mosny from brno! make sure you you're at the square at 5pm sharp and don't miss her outstanding performance in a group of 6(+) young talented musicians! and don't forget to bring slogan banners, cameras and finacial gifts! (the financial part was a joke :))
see you there!


zmrzka said...

ohmmmm ked ja nemoozem dojst! A tak by som isla! Aj s transparentom! Ale neda sa... co uz tak ju pozdrav,to je jedno ona si ma aj tak nepamata ;) nevadi... moja sestra si napisala nieco na blog treba jej nechat comment!! CIAO Lenka

svinka said...

Cay swynka, dostal si odo mna sms z mojho noveho cisla. len curious ci to funguje. daj please vediet. diky.papa