Tuesday, August 1

what?!??!! is it really august?!

becky and me in smolenice, slovakia

man, the time FLIES!!! amd i am really bad at updating.. :(
even tho, there's been many interesting things going on!! well, maybe not that interesting but i'm having tons of fun! ;) after the camps i went to brno for a week or so to teach some classes. it was great to see my students again and just hang out and play games inj english.. gotta love'em! :)) at the weekend that week i went to walachian region in northern moravia to my friend's house - kuba is a dear friend from the brno choir and we've spent a great weekend with other 4 friends there which was extremely relaxing for me! :)
and then, this past weekend becky mcdaniel from lakeside, OH, came for a short but intensive visit and we just had a blast seing each other after 2 years. thanks becky for being such a friend! :)
well, that's about it (in a very condensed fashion). i hope to post some more pictures later..


Dale and Susan Ellison said...

hey dude
it's hot here is MS
are you going to be teaching in Brno now?
We need some english teachers in Peru

shegga said...

Stanicko sa updateoval. To je super, kludne v tom pokracuj. I miss you hope you'll be able to come to Dublin on New Years eve with everybody else. Take Care , cica!

brynne said...

Very cute picture! I'm glad Becky came to visit you so we could meet her!

shegga said...

Stanko, update!!! :)