Friday, February 10

nerdy breaking news

thermogelling biodegradable block copolymers [source]

ok, i have an announcement to make - i've decided to stay at university for one more year and graduate in two semesters from now. a shocker, istn't it! after i started working on my diploma thesis i realised that i don't have enough time to do all my research properly and turn in my diploma thesis in time. fortunately, i've started to be very interested in the topic of my research which is a degradational behavior of thermogelling biodegradable copolymers such as PLGA-PEG copolymers functionalized with itaconic acid (yeah, i know, whatever that means :D). these compounds can be very useful in medical applications such as injectable drug delivery systems with controlled degradation kinetics, or scaffolding materials for tissue regeneration etc. such polymers are currently used in biodegradable sutures that don't require any surgical removal and many more useful applications..

so, anyhow, i've decided that i'd like to do the research properly and take one more year to study and then graduate. it's cool 'cause i can continue in my studies for free! this decision also solves a lot of the dilemmas i've delt with lately (e.g. whether to stay in brno and keep teaching english next year or leave the country and move out of the flat in brno). moreover, i have an approval of working (teaching english) and studying at the same time from my professor which is just cool! this way, i will also get one more summer vacation in my life! :)

anyhow, i am excited. and thankful. :) have a great weekend and don't forget to donate a kidney or two! :P


mishka said...

Sponzirujem oblicku, uzi v zdravi a gratulujem k tvojmu rozhodnutiu:)!

Cullenmarina said...


What wonderful work/studies you are doing! I sure am glad that there are people in the world like you who understand these kinds of things. The rest of us really appreciate it. Hey, if by "one more summer" you mean, Lakeside...well, then I guess we'll be seeing you this summer! Jamestown Tavern, here we come!

Cullen et al.

Johny said...

Kazdy mame svoje sposoby, ako sa vyhnut realite... :-D

Ka-Ka said...

I would always kidney....ANYWHERE... just for know:D
vecny student?
ale tak vies, ziadna tragedia:D
vdaka,naucila som sa z prvej polovice tvojho clanku nove,velmi uzitocne anglicke slovicka.
aha-a s haluzicami to nie je taky sa len prevezies dve-tri zastavky po tt a si v novom meste.odtial je to len kusocek:D

kel said...

Good for you, deer! That's a lot of big words!!! Wow!! I want to hear more (but maybe we will need an English to English translation of all those chemistry terms!)

Pája said...

Ahoj Stano, myslim, ze s prodluzovanim studia nejsi jediny. :-) A pokud nespechas do te Ameriky, aspon se jeste uvidime. Takze uzivej "prazdnin". Ahoj

aaronius said...

you are such a nerd! least you like animals right? Hey man take it easy! I might see you soon @ English Camp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you think you could help me with MCing? :) heH heh heh heh heh heh HO HA!

ele said...

aha, kto to prisiel! :)
stanko, sa pekne s jankou zoberiete (zoberiete ako zoberiete, nie zoberiete), zbalite 5 sliviek a pridete do lv. to je rozkaz! :))))

Ka-Ka said...

kolko obliciek potrebujes, aby si updatoval?